As the official merchandiser of Northwestern University Athletics, the folks at Let’s Tailgate, Inc. know a thing or two about sports fandom. On game day, the only thing that matters more than chants, cheers and celebratory fist pumps is looking the part while you do it. Let’s Tailgate! helps you unleash your inner fanatic by offering the newest name-brand sports gear for team supporters of every color: stylish flat-brim and classic snap-back caps; t-shirts from the biggest names in sports: Adidas, Nike, and more; team jerseys, including the newest designs for 2015; and tailgating accessories for parking lot warriors of any allegiance. Whether you’re a Wildcat, a Cub, a Bear, Blackhawk or one who wears their Sox White, the pre-game party doesn’t begin until you say the words: “Let’s Tailgate!”

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